Love The Broads

Thurne Windmill

We can all help to keep the Broads National Park in a state that supports its internationally famous waterways, unique wildlife and lasting heritage. Love the Broads invites voluntary donations from visitors and local businesses who feel inspired to make a collective contribution to looking after our beautiful Broads.

The Broads National Park is a special and beautiful landscape where land, sky and water seem to meld into one. Teeming with wildlife, it is home to more than a quarter of the UK’s rarest species.

But the Broads is a fragile and vulnerable place and it needs constant care and attention to keep it as we know and love it.

Wheelchair Access

The Broads Trust, an independent charity, set up Love the Broads to raise funds for projects that help to sustain and preserve the delicate and precious environment.

Sustainable tourism is all about making the lowest possible impact on the environment and local culture while helping to generate income and employment. It is about caring for the places we love to visit and protecting them for future generations.

Children with bouyancy aids

Love the Broads seeks to promote the protection and understanding of our wetland area’s wildlife, landscape and heritage, which are all interlinked. It provides an easy way for you to donate a small amount of money to a range of projects that are vital for the conservation of the Broads and which will also benefit our local communities and the visitor experience.